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Complete the globally-recognise an accreite Aephoria AIM for Enneagram Conversion Course an start using the fastest accurate Enneagram test in the worl after just 4-6 hours of E-learning.





is aim for enneagram
conversion course for you?

AIM for Enneagram Conversion Course is tailored to seasoned Enneagram practitioners seeking to upgrade their coaching practice through the use of our powerful, fast, reliable AIM for Enneagram test.

The Conversion Course explores the Aephoria approach to working with the Enneagram, as well as how to interpret our suite of AIM reports, how to conduct AIM feedback sessions, the practicalities of buying an launching assessments, an how to access free group supervision an further accreditations.

If you're ready to dial up the power of your Enneagram-base coaching practice an move towards unlocking the added benefits of working with the Enneagram an Maturity in combination, sign up today.